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My name is Clarence Pearson. I'm a 16 year old novice programmer. AirPONG is my first game and my first real project. Its goal is to become not only a clone of the original Pong game, but to be an engine that can easily be extended to games relating to Pong. Some of the games that will be made for the AirPONG system are:

Air Hockey

AirPONG is written using a mixure of C and C++. The graphics are done using OpenGL. The input handling is done using the wonderful SDL library. AirPONG is released under the GPL license (see COPYING for details).  The font code, particle system, and just about anything else relationg to graphics is credited to NeHe's great OpenGL tutorials.

System Requirements:

AirPONG is being developed under Linux, but the code should compile and run under Win32 if you use Bloodshed's Dev-C++ or MinGW. I've tested the code (version 0.3.0) under Red Hat Linux 7.3. Read the README file for specific instructions on installing.

You will need the SDL  libraries to compile under any OS, plus OpenGL development librarie. If using Dev-C++ under Windows, this will not be a problem because they come with the package.  Also, most modern Linux distributions come with SDL and MesaGLand the developmental libraries installed by default.

To achieve a decent frame rate, you will need around a Pentium 200. At least a 300 Pentium II is recomended though.

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