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December 9, 2002

It's almost Christmas and no new release of AirPONG.
Sorry folks but I've been busy with school and have had little time for programming of any kind.
You can expect a 0.5.0 release soon, which will be a complete rewrite with added features and gameplay.

August 22, 2002

Version 0.4.1 source package released
I know those of you who downloaded 0.4.0 were dissapointed.
I have been busy on my upcoming game, Primitive Prey, and have had little time.
But here is the new version of AirPONG, with bugs fixed

August 5, 2002:

Version 0.4.0 source package is released.
Sorry about the long time without any news.
 I've been working on my "3D Engine" called LeadPipe, on which this new version of AirPONG is based.
Though it doesn't support much as of now, it is coming along nicely.
See the Screenshots page for great shots of AirPONG in 3D!

July 15, 2002:

Win32 binary package of version 0.3.0 released.
New release of 0.3.0 source package released with fixed Makefile for compiling under Windows.

July 14, 2002:

Version 0.3.0 source package has arrived!
This is the first OpenGL-based version of AirPONG. It took a whopping 6 days to learn (thanks NeHe).
Check out the screen shots page to view the great Particle System!
See CHANGELOG for details on other fixes.

NOTE: Unfortunately, you cannot use the older 0.2.x themes with this release.
Sorry. Also, the game now is set to run at 50 FPS. If you have troubles with that please contact me.

July 8, 2002:

No new versions released.
Right now, I am busy learning OpenGL, which will be used in version 0.3.0
Therefore, active production on the 0.2.x (SDL only) series will be halted for right now, untill a bug is found.
No new features will be added until 0.3.0 is finished.
This may be a while because I will be rewriting almost all of the current code.
Email me if you have quesitons or comments.

July 5, 2002:

Version 0.2.2 source package is released
See CHANGLOG for details about the new features.
Themes added to Downloads and Screen Shots.
Go to Screen Shots to check out the new themes and to Downloads to get them.

July 2, 2002:

Version 0.2.1 source released.
Win32 binary package released
Go to Downloads to get the appropriate package.
See CHANGELOG for details about the new features.

Version 0.2.0 released. Goto Downloads section to download the source.
reated a homepage (temporary) for the project.

July 1, 2002:

Created a Sourceforge project.

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